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If you have an event in the Infield Suites, The Lazy S Executive Suites, 30X Saloon for a semi-private or private event, or ranahans Private Dining Room, Wine Room or Al Fresco you must complete an event order form for each event and venue by June 21, 2019.

If your event order form has not been submitted by this date the menu selection will be made by our premium seating team and premium host bar with the feature wines will be selected. To ensure quality and our ability to manage expectations, no exceptions will be made.

If you are reserved in The Lazy S Loge or ranahans Dining Room you do not need to complete an event order form.

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Even if you enjoyed the view from Premium Seating last year or if this is your first time you must SET UP A NEW PASSWORD before you can LOGIN. Look at the sidebar to your right.

The email we have file for you will be your email/username. If you enter a new email or try to enter an email that would belong to someone else it will not recognize the information. If you can not LOGIN please contact us to ensure the email on file is the one you are using.

If you are delegating your event to someone else you are responsible and must first SET UP A NEW PASSWORD and LOGIN to delegate your events. You can not have your delegate use your information to LOGIN - they first have to be assigned by you.

You will only need to set up a password once, then you will be able to SIGN IN from the same link you just saved or at anytime from the homepage of the website.

The password generated will be sent directly to the email you have entered, remember, it must match the email we have on file. You can change the password once you receive it from us, or have it reset at any time. If your email address has changed then please call Cheryl Harris or Jill Reeves to ensure we have your details up to date in our system. This email is always used in the email/username box moving forward.

All correspondence will go to your email including passwords and event order form confirmations, unless you have set up a delegate to manage your event. Then they will receive this information.

To update your information contact Cheryl Harris at 403.261.9143 or charris@calgarystampede.com or  Jill Reeves at 403.261.9341 or jreeves@calgarystampede.com.


If you would like to assign someone else to manage your event you can do so once you sign in. Then when you assign a delegate they will receive an email inviting them to SIGN IN.

They will receive password information and event order form confirmations moving forward. We do not recommend providing your email and password to your delegate. Please take the time to set-up your delegates properly, otherwise you will continue to receive all all correspondence including password resets and event order form confirmations.

For more information on your event order forms or assigning a delegate contact Kelly Angele at 403.818.0838 or kangele@calgarystampede.com.


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